Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ode to Friendship

The inspirations for this entry are our dear friends, Shane and Natalie, or Nat Nat, as I affectionately call her.  (The fact that she puts up with this nickname is in itself a tribute to the kind of friend she is.)  They flew down for the weekend from Houston — our first official visitors from home.  We spent three days doing a whole lot of nothing —eating chicken and potatoes on the back porch, lounging by the pool, watching movies, sipping coffee and catching up on the details of our lives.  They are the kind of friends who care about the details.  When they ask us how we’re doing, I know they really mean it.  Our friendship is a safe place to be honest, to let my guard down, and expose the real me.  It doesn’t have to be all roses, as they don’t mind the stench of our sometimes smelly lives.
Since their return stateside I’ve been pondering friendship.  It comes in all shapes and sizes — A college roommate, a sister, a colleague, a spouse, a grandmother, a childhood friend.  Regardless, friendship is a divine gift, one God graciously gives knowing how much sweeter and more fulfilling our lives will be when shared with others.  With the madness of life and the pace of the world, it’s so easy to isolate ourselves, and become convinced that we’re too busy or overworked or tired for friendship.  But now is the time we need it more than ever.  We need friends to stand beside us when the going gets rough, to remind us of our value when the world wants us to forget, to love us on the days we feel extraordinarily unlovable, and to challenge us to live for something greater than ourselves.
Shane and Nat Nat are rare gems.  Take a moment to reflect on the rare gems in your life today.  In doing so, you might be surprised by how truly rich you are.
With love,
Kevin & Cass

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